My name is Mikkel Larsen. I am a passionate educator, hobbyist photographer, and a freelance writer.

Originally born and raised in Denmark, I moved to China in 2010 to pursue a career in education after graduating from college with a degree in media technology. I was always interested in media and I spent (perhaps too) much of my youth engulfed in movies and computer games. My love for media helped me set myself apart as a teacher in China, focusing on finding ways to use technology in the classroom, without letting it impact learning itself. My love for technology also inspired my love for photography and I have since then started paying more and more attention to taking photos and making videos.

Having just turned 30, I thought it was time to find a new way to define myself and media creation is where my desire truly lies. Everything from audio recording, to photography, video creating and online marketing. These are the things that I will be pursuing, over the next few years. I started out as a teacher and now work as a manager in one of the largest training schools in China, situated in Chongqing. Life has already been a truly amazing journey and I look forward to seeing where it will take me next!