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I am a passionate educator, educational designer, and an aspiring photographer!

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A collection of some of my favorite photos from my favorite categories. I do not really have a niche, but I tend to focus more on cities and scenery than anything else.

Life has already been a journey far beyond my wildest dreams, and I only just turned 30!

From a small village in Denmark to Australia, to China, visiting countries all over Europe, North Africa, and South East Asia, I have been fortunate to visit and enjoy some spectacular scenery, immensely friendly people and through my career as an educator, I have met students whom I will never forget. I always knew I wanted to travel since I was a small child, but I never imagined the places I have been too or that I would spend the better part of a decade working as an educator in China, mostly in Chongqing.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Media Technology, and I started taking pictures around the time I was in college. First I did evening cityscapes in Aalborg, then I moved on to portrait photography and nightlife photography since then I have transitioned back to cityscapes and architecture mostly, with Portraiture and scenery in between. I do not consider myself a professional photographer, but I like to share what I have accomplished so far.

 There is so much beauty in the world, hidden behind much of the ugliness we are exposed to daily. And it brings me a lot of joy and excitement when I find an angle, a motive or a scene that really stands out and captures me.

Apart from teaching and education management and my photography, I also spend a lot of time writing either about my experience in China or education, classroom management and teaching styles.


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